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OmniFocus for iPad | OmniFocus iPad is a task management app for iPad. Download OmniFocus for iPad Free. With OmniFocus for iOS, keep track of daily tasks by project, place, person, or date, and you will always have your relevant information at your hand. With location awareness, flexible viewing options, and on-the-fly task entry, OmniFocus iOS is the trusted application to manage everything in your busy life. Whether it is a shopping list or the agenda items to discuss at work or the tasks to do at home, whatever you need to do is right there on your OmniFocus iPad. The interface of OmniFocus was designed and organised around the data to make it easier and more natural for the users to get the ideas in and out of the app quickly. OmniFocus for iPad has two iOS 8 extensions, interactive notifications to snooze or complete a reminder, background syncing and improved searching of the tasks. All these features are pioneered in the OmniFocus iPad app with the built-in forecast and review perspectives. With Pro version of OmniFocus, you can make your combinations of view settings, searches, and filters to see your work in precisely. You can also arrange the top-level sidebar for the quick access to your perspectives.

Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad

OmniFocus for iPad lets you enter and check off the tasks and the larger projects which can be divided into several individual tasks. On OmniFocus, it is very easy to modify the dates and push the times you can’t yet complete further in the future. With the Omni Sync Server, you can sync your tasks across all your devices which supports OmniFocus. The App has a paned interface which is a familiar one for all iPad users. The app gives you the flexibility to organise and view your daily tasks by context or project. The main core of OmniFocus is the inbox feature. The project tab will help you to view your multi-step projects and you can split them into different unique projects. If you are at home, with the help of OmniFocus on your iPad, you can see the list of items that you need to follow up with your boss. By adding Contexts to your tasks, you can drill down to the tasks that you can complete with the resources that you have on your hand.

Specifications of OmniFocus for iPad

The key specifications for OmniFocus iOS are listed below

Application Name: OmniFocus
Developer: The Omni Group
Version: 2.21.3
Apple Watch: Yes
Categories: Productivity
Languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
File size: 62.3 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Features of OmniFocus for iPad

The top features of OmniFocus iPad are listed below

  • The sync format of OmniFocus is an encrypted one. So even if your server is compromised, your data will be protected.
  • The flexible hierarchy on this app will help you to keep all your data in one list, or you can use several levels of Groups, Projects, Folders and much more to stay organised.
  • OmniFocus for iPad will help you to assign contexts based on location, peoples and much more. You can also create a customised subject to organise your daily tasks.
  • With OmniFocus on iPad, plan your’s day-to-day tasks by listing the contexts based on nearby location or view them on the map.
  • You can use Today widget to show your current tasks right in the notification centre.
  • The interactive notifications for the nearby and due items will help you to mark complete to the tasks without even opening the OmniFocus application.
  • You can add and audio attachments right on your OmniFocus iOS and view the file attachments which synced from other devices.
  • The Forecast iPad will show you the upcoming tasks on your home screen or sidebar. You can open the forecast perspective to view your pending tasks alongside with the events right from your iOS calendar.

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Download OmniFocus for iPad

OmniFocus iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 11.0 and later.

Click here to Download OmniFocus App for iPad

Screenshots of OmniFocus for iPad

Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad
Download OmniFocus for iPad

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