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djay for iPad | djay iPad is a free multimedia music player cum music editor application. Download djay 2 for iPad Free. The djay app for iOS will transform your iPad into an excellent miniature audio mixer. Accessing to more than 20 million tracks made simple with the seamless integration of the music app with both your music library and Spotify. It has been not so easy to find the perfect next track to mix from the millions of songs for the party without this fantastic audio editor app. Get unprecedented track recommendations with the innovative, first-of-its-kind feature called Matches option go with a perfect mix. djay iPad will create a seamless mix automatically for its users based on their personal musical preferences. The djay for iOS will choose tracks that go well with each other with Automix Radio feature. Get those tracks to turn out as automatically mixes for you with the beat-matched, DJ-style transitions. Irrespective of being a professional DJ or a beginner, djay music app lets you enjoy live DJ mixes or perform in live or record mixes on–the–go. Switch between Spotify and existing local iTunes library, as well as mix tracks from Spotify and iTunes simultaneously. The Cutting-Edge Streaming Engine of the audio mixer app will never make you feel the difference of streaming from the cloud as like that of accessing local files.

Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad

The user-interface of the djay app will turn your entire iPad’s screen into a virtual DJ rig. With a hyper-realistic turntable interface, you can mix and scratch your music on the go. The tight Spotify Integration gives you the best tracks to mix. With the Professional Hardware Integration, the audio mixer cum player app provides a support for a wide range of professional DJ gear. With this support, you are allowed to mix tracks from the cloud either by using tactile knobs, or buttons or jog wheels. Most notably, you can share your set lists as the Spotify playlist through Message, Email, Facebook or Twitter. Let others tune into such shared set or recreate it.

Specifications of djay for iPad

The key specifications for djay iOS are listed below

Application Name: djay
Developer: Algoriddim GmbH
Version: 2.8.8
Categories: MultiMedia
Languages: English, German, French, Italian,  Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
File size: 122 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of djay for iPad

The salient features of djay for iPad are listed below

All-in-One DJ App: Accessing to all your favourite songs and playlists is made easy as djay for iPad will integrate seamlessly both with your iTunes music library and Spotify to give perfect entertainment.

Get Intelligent Song Selection: It is quite easy to find the perfect next track to mix well with what you are currently playing with the Match option of the djay app.

Get Unprecedented Track Recommendations: Based on the music style, danceability, BPM, key, and how well the song mixes with the currently playing track, the djay iPad gives you unprecedented track recommendations.

Beat & Tempo Detection: The djay for iOS analyzes the waveforms, mixers, EQ controls, and the ability to Automix with the built-in Beat and Tempo detection.

Automix Radio: Pick the tracks that mix well with each other or get automatic mixes of these tracks in a beat-matched, DJ-style transitions with the Automix Radio feature of the music mixer app.

Your Music Collection: Get the option to seamlessly switch between your music collection on your iTunes and Spotify. The djay for iPad even lets you mix tracks simultaneously. Get into live DJ mixes, or perform in live.

Find Best Tracks to Mix: With the Tight Spotify Integration, you will get the best tracks to mix. Get all your existing playlists, starred tracks with the Spotify integration in djay. Choose tracks with powerful search capabilities, find from charts, or browse by genres, moods, DJs and Match.

Social Sharing: djay iPad lets you share your set lists as Spotify playlists on the Social networks so as to make the rest of the world instantly listen to the tracks or recreate a great set. Sharing can be done via Email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Download djay for iPad

djay iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here toDownload djay App for iPad

Screenshots of djay for iPad

Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad
Download djay for iPad

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