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Bracket is a code editor application for iPad. Bracket is one of the approachable code editor applications, which is designed especially for young developers who can be able to work on the projects like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The application that designed with a pleasant interface with some simple lines that make your entire workspace enjoyable. To set up a program it will take some time and effort, and the main window of the application is split up into two different main areas they were code editor and sidebar with working files with that you can switch from one to another. The Bracket iOS application can able to support Syntax highlighting for aforementioned languages, with that it has intelligent code completion which helps you to speed up the coder job where it helps you to reduce the mistakes. Then the app can able to close all the braces automatically, and the line of the code will indicate with numbers, then the status bar of the app will show the cursor’s current line and column. In the app, you can use search and replace the function by using filters, indent, unindent or duplicate lines with that it also has toggle line and blocks comments. The viewing option of the app is concerned because you can increase and decrease the font size and restore back it to its original value. Here it can able to highlight the active lines, and it allows you to jump to code definition.

Download Bracket for iPad

The Bracket iPad application integrated with several debugging tools and you can reload the Bracket with full extensions with that it will open new instances, and it can change the User Interface language, run tests, performance data, enable node debugger, log the status of the console and so on. The project in the app can be saved as web or text files. So download Bracket on your iPad and experience the features.

Specifications of Bracket for iPad

Application Name: Bracket
Developer: Concentric Sky
Version: 3.1
Categories: Reference
Languages: English
File size: 14.4 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Features of Bracket

Live Preview: The Live Preview of the Bracket application that launched for Chrome that will show the current page and it will not require any manual refreshment at the time when you change the files. It is an amazing feature, and particularly it has a split-screen setup. Then the app will not just work with HTML files and can work on other files. In case if you did any change in the linked CSS files that will make an impact on the current page and it will be reflected immediately on the web browser.

Quick Edit: The Quick Edit feature of the application is used here for editing all your codes with context-specific. And it has many uses.

CSS: At the time when you were editing the HTML file, if you make a tap on the tag that corresponding with CSS declaration which is suited ins linked file and just select the Ctrl / Command + E it will open the inline editor that allows you to edit the rules.

Colours: The application covered with different colours in the CSS declaration with that it will show the swatch of colour. For this, they will use the same shortcut, which will offer a pretty good and sophisticated colour and the selector and converter illustrated here.

JSLint: Once you enable the setup as default then the built-in JSLint support will help you to check all your JavaScript code before saving the document. Then the result of the code will be displayed on the panel that located below on the main editing window.

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Download Bracket for iPad

Bracket iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 7.0 and later.

Click here to Download Bracket App for iPad

Screenshots for Bracket

Download Bracket for iPad
Download Bracket for iPad
Download Bracket for iPad
Download Bracket for iPad
Download Bracket for iPad

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