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3D Scanner for iPad | 3D Scanner iPad is an entertainment based app that lets you scan and view 3D image. Download 3D Scanner for iPad Free. Anyone would have probably seen the 3D images in the shopping apps. It is easy to find the difference between the 2D and 3D images as the former is just like a photo captured whereas the latter lets you look at the image as a whole on the three-dimensional scale. With 3D Scanner for iPad, the user can scan the person or object by following the on-screen instructions of the app. Creating lifelike 3D models would never be so simple without this app. Scanning is similar as like capturing the video on your iPad. The user can now be able to preview the raw scan on the iPad. The user can touch the 3D image to view it in all the axis. The scanned image is sent to the cloud for processing it as a 3D image. An algorithm stitches 3D point clouds along with the RGB images from the multiple viewpoints together into a single colour 3D model. The single 3D model will be sent back to the iPad. Thus, the final outcome will be a digital 3D model. The user of the app has an option to download the 3D image. The downloaded 3D image can be further edited, shared with others, used in making the 3D print, used in games, VR and more.

3D Scanner for iPad
3D Scanner for iPad

Capturing 3D models instantly has become a simple thing with this scanner app. The app can create high-quality colour 3D models of both people or objects like a professional in no time. 3D Scanner for iPad will digitize your world of photos in a three-dimensional format and thus provides you with a viewing experience entirely as a realistic one. The app has even options to save and organize the 3D images. The only thing that needs to considered with 3D Scanner for iPad is that there is no option to download the trusted version of the app from the App Store. Hence the user can either download the apk version of the app or can download the third-party app.

Specifications of 3D Scanner for iPad

The key specifications for 3D Scanner iOS are listed below

Application Name: itSeez3D
Developer: Itseez3D Inc
Version: 4.7.2
Categories: Entertainment
Languages:  English
File size: 110 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Features of 3D Scanner

The salient features of 3D Scanner for iPad are listed below

Scanning Made Simple: The iPad version of the itSeez3D Scanner app has the capability to scan anything at anytime from anywhere just like capturing videos.

Easy To Use: Creating a clean and lifelike 3D model is made simple as with the just a few clicks from this scanning application.

Get Real-Time Feedback: There are no more complications while scanning, as this app has the functionality to carefully guides you through the scanning process.

Scan People: With the People scanning option, the user can create photorealistic 3D portraits of people. People scanning includes a bust or full-body scan.

Scan Object: It is easy to turn the physical objects into the digital 3D models as with the help of this 3D scanning app.

High Model Quality: itSeez3D Scanner for iPad has the depth of VGA resolution and RGB as 3 to 8 MP resolution. It has a 2 MP resolution for RealSense and it can capture 10 to 50 frames.

Export Formats: There is a support for the popular 3D export formats with this application. The formats includes .obj, .ply, .wrl and more.

–°loud Model Reconstruction: A typical bust scan and full-body scan in the 3D Scanner for iOS will take just about 3 to 5 minutes and 5 to10 minutes respectively.

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Download 3D Scanner for iPad

3D Scanner iPad is compatible with the iOS version of 8.0 and later.

Click here toDownload 3D Scanner App for iPad

Screenshots of 3D Scanner for iPad

Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad
Download 3D Scanner for iPad

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